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All things with you

Poem by : Molly Lim
Submitted on : May 29, 2011
Your history never bothers me,
I always let it be.
Not because I don't care,
but I would always make things fair.
There were times you made my heart merry,
your absence always make me worry.
Ocean waves will not erase,
the memories that we had create.
When I was fear to look into you,
your gentle touch taught me to.
Although we have different thoughts,
I believe we had never fought.
When I see you depress and in trouble,
I make myself available.
The time your words tell about leaving,
you'll never know how hard I was feeling.
Even though you could not afford a ring,
I'll accept your LV shoe lace as a ring.
I'm sorry for all the rush I made,
whenever we go on the date.
You had not see my smiles,
When your texts show about you caring from miles.
Honey, you know I love you and care
I'll always be there.

~Molly Lim

All things with you was submitted by Molly Lim On May 29, 2011

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