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Give below is a Romantic love letter titled My little be for you .

My little be for you

There is a couple name Glairen and Frences, they love each other very much. Sometimes Glairen was sleeping to Frences house. But then there is a one girl name Leana she's friend with Glairen, Leana love Glairen very much even though Leana didn't know that Glairen have a girlfriend.. But Glairen told her that he had a girlfriend name Frences.. She's sad but she talk to Glairen they had fun. But sometimes when Leana saw a picture of Frences that Glairen post she got jealous.. One day Glairen message Leana he said that Frences block Glairen for no reason.. Leana help Glairen even though she's mad because of them. Leana was talking to Glairen, they talked for too long. Glairen told her that he really love Frences. Leana think a an idea she said I'm gonna talk to her tomorrow and I will ask her why did she block you.. Then Glairen said Leana I need to sleep, Leana said ok go to sleep.. Then Leana find something fishy very fishy, she found that Frences have a boyfriend since April 21, Leana was laughing because Frences was 2 timer.. And she said I'm gonna talk to Glairen tomorrow..

The End

Submitted By : Leana kyra
Date : Jun 27, 2015
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