Daily Leo - Taurus Love Horoscope & Compatibility

What's in store for Leo and Taurus zodiac sign combination today? The Leo - Taurus love horoscope given below will tell you how exactly your love life is going to be. Free daily love horoscope for various zodiac signs.

Leo & Taurus Love Horoscope for 19-12-8-Sunday

Leo + Taurus

Turbulence in romance !..
While in general the day will be a mixed bag, romantic relations will be a bit rocky. A rough patch in your love life is coming your way. No matter how much you try, you will not be able to avoid it completely. Try your best to keep it to the minimum. There is misunderstanding and miscommunication between you two. But do not try to start communication just yet. The time is not right. This phase is about enduring. Once you go through it, things will definitely change for the better. Until then, just pull up your socks and hold on.