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User : Christina
Submitted on : Feb 7, 2011
Anyone worth having is worth fighting for

U love them there aint no doubt about it

U took their hand from the dark and showed them light

U took them from their messed up life and took them some where else

And you realized all they want is someone who cares

Cause no one has ever cared about them before

You prove to them that you care

You swept them off their feet and fly away from here just so you can be with them

Always there when they need you

When they want you

Even when they don't want you around

You still always going to be there

Doing everything you can to keep them happy

You will do anything in the world for them just to see them smile

Even if it aint with you

Cause even just being around you I feel like I'm floating in heaven and it is just us

You would go to the end of the world for them

Even take a bullet for them

You always say putting a smile on their face is like the sun rising something beautiful

And something you look for every day


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