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you love like candy

User : jam keina
Submitted on : Jun 24, 2010
When You kiss my lips you taste like Chocolate and I can feel the Adrenalin rush
When You touch My face I know your ready for all the things We do and such, I Love for you to caress me, your love is oh so like Candy
When I touch your face I feel the Gum-Drops jump in my belly, thats when I know you are ready, when u have your sweetness handy thats when your love is oh so like Candy
Your a Butterfly when we're in public and a Tiger when we are alone I love seeing your face everyday and OH! you look so grown, grown enough to be my lover and grown enough to be my friend
I love you so much baby, I hope we never end I have one more thing to say to you and I don't mean to sound sooo dandy but everytime I'm with you baby your Loooovvveee is like Candy.

~jam keina

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