Love Poem by Langha Agnes

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What's Wrong With Us

Submitted on : Jan 26, 2009
At times I feel like I want you,
at others I don't.
Some days I'm sure I love you,
on others I'm not so sure.
It's no question when I'm with you
'coz I always love you are there
But when you go away I really do wonder.

Sometimes when we are together
it feels like we were made for each other
but we are apart,
we seem to forget about that.
Just at the sight of you,
I smile like 10 kinds of oafish idiots.
but at the thought of you,
my creasing brows do the talking.

It's like I know I'm in love,
spurs over stetson
Yet I feel it's not enough
to describe what's up with us.

~Langha Agnes

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