Love Poem by Jerik Middleton

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The One That Got Away

Submitted on : Feb 12, 2009
From day one till it was over,
you meant the world to me.
I went into a deep depression,
that noone could really see.

I was deeply depressed,
for no apparent reason.
No matter how close we are,
It doesn't matter the season.

Noone can remain close,
When i get this way.
It never fails to happen,
I always push them away.

But you i regret the most,
I never meant to hurt you.
When i let you out of my life,
I couldn't figure out what to do.

I have done many things,
while in my saddened state.
All i had to do was be tough,
All i had to do was wait.

I can't change anything i did,
I think about it everyday.
You were, are and always will be.
The one that got away.

~Jerik Middleton

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