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Struggle for forgiveness

User : Poetriture
Submitted on : Sep 27, 2012
sometyms becomes a nightmare.
A horror dream that makes it hard for me to distinguish between trust and insecurity.
Very thin line between them yet they r so closely related.

following trust and insecurity's battle.
Comes a tym of immature decision making.
All because of a temper's fanatic groupie,anger.

When anger smiles because it took control of u and made you loose the one u loved so much.
Uncountable apologies that now appear as useless in her view.

I cud fill books writing bout this one....

I still wish me and her forgiveness could meet just one more time...
Just to bring back the happiness and dreams i had....
Because at the moment i feel like i have achieved nothing good without her by my side..
What i achieved is the pain in my heart.
No painkiller can heal this pain as no man can mess and control how love operates.
I miss her
I miss lady bee


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