Love Poem by David Drish

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Submitted on : Jul 6, 2010
I promise to you, I will always be here.
I promise you, I will always care.

I promise to hold you and ease your fears.
I promise to you, I am no longer scared

I promise that i will never change.
I promis to always love you the same.

I promise i will love your kids,
Even though they are not mine.
I promise if we weather the storm,
We will one day see sunshine.

I promise to do the best that i can.
I promise to you, I will be an honest good man.

I'v searched my heart and soul to make sure,
These peomises are not out of reach.
I promise that "you broke your promise" are words you will never have to speack.

I promise this will always hold true.
It's not what but who that's most important.
This i promise you!
I love you!

~David Drish

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