Love Poem by Abel majadibodu

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Submitted on : Apr 28, 2010
My eyes look.
my mind start to think.
My heart gives some love.
My mouth open.
I express myself

But what i get is hurts.
It is love that my heart beats for.
But she refuse to say yes.
She blow my love away as she didn't care.

That love always makes me to bd speechless.
Love that always grow a pain in my heart.
Love that always react like a pin.
Is this what my heart deserve?

This girl that my eyes never get tire.
The beauty that makes my senses to work.
But she create a pin in my heart.

She refuse everything that i have.
My heart bleed for that refuse.
My heart was feeling her touch.
Ohh it is a pin in my life.
It always hurts me.

~Abel majadibodu

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