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My Lost Love

User : Madcock
Submitted on : Dec 6, 2008

My love i lost u to a hand so cold, He'll never love u with a heart so bold. Does he see the woman u truly are or does he see u as a slut instead of a shooting star.

When i Lost u i lost everything, along with everything that's good, u said u loved me, but i dont think u ever could. For I loved u with all i had to give, but u ripped it out from this life i live.

I drink and drink to get u out of my head but more and more i wish i was dead. I take to many pills to help ease the pain, but the more i think about u i fall down like rain.Won't someone please help me get up in my seat or will u just leave me here in defeat.

I lost the war that i thought i won, but your love stings like a bullet from a gun. Now that i lost u I've no where to turn and I see your face and that's when i learn.

I learned that the love that i felt so true was just a trick in your book of whos who. I'll never find a love as pure, then the one I had for you that i felt so sure.

As i lay here tonight, I think about a love that use to be out of sight.

Mark Adcock


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