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My Favourite Hippy

User : Daniel
Submitted on : Oct 3, 2011
Our personalities mesh and mingle,
Your voice so soft and sweet,
Inside I feel this tingle,
I want to sweep you off your feet.

Our conversations go on for hour after hour,
Your smile as bright as sunny weather,
Its not love but it is desire,
To spend some more time together.

Our eyes meeting in the candlelight,
Your eyes and hair so radiant,
Smoking weed together all night,
For me you are the perfect student.

Our friendship could grow stronger,
The possibilities are endless,
Maybe I am just a dreamer
But there'ss something between us Jess

I know how you feel about relationships,
But that really doesn't bother me
This doesn't have to be like any other partnership
In many ways it feels like it's meant to be.

The only commitment is to friendship and affection
It can be what we make it to be
It need not have any particular direction
It need not be influenced by society


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