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User : Sheila
Submitted on : Nov 19, 2010
When our eyes met for the first time,
I can feel butterfly in my stomach,
I cannot stop wandering whether have I felled in love or it is just an infatuation,
Nonetheless, I still made myself committed thinking I have fallen in love with you.

You are the first guy, who had uttered that I am beautiful,
Being with you makes me happy in many ways,
Your kiss and touch is irresistible,
Makes me feel more ecstatic.

Days go by with tears rolling down from my cheek,
Thinking that you had cheated on me makes me wander why,
Not one days passes by without you in my thought,
The moments we cherished together are still clear in my mind.

You came back again,
Thirsting for my love,
I forgave you and welcome you in open arms,
Just to realize you had left me again with hurt which is so intense and unbearable.

You showered me with love,
Never know it was just bait,
You came for intention,
Thinking that I am a cheatable person.

I don't know the reason why it is so easy for you to cheat on me,
I gave you a chance to show that I still love you and willing to accept you despite of your weakness,
Was I being to naïf to give you this chance?

Though you came when the time I was getting over it,
Though you broke and torn my heart into tiny pieces,
Though the past wound is still not healed and you came back just to rub salt into the wound,
I have forgiven you but have not forgotten...


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