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For Rebecca

User : Tim
Submitted on : Dec 7, 2011
Intertwined in my mind
Are spiraling thoughts of you divine.
Everything pure, I am sure,
Derives from you and your beauty galore.
With my thoughts ever concerning the one thing that I'm yearning,
I wish your hand in mine to cease my head's turbulent churning.
A castle stands o'er the beach's sands
In which I am imprisoned, secluded from the lands.
And a door is made by my love, I'm afraid;
Your heart is needed to breach the barricade.
I wait by the sea so I may welcome thee;
But only in love, for then I am set free.
I see me and you waltzing through
Spectacular sceneries; red is the hue.
Under a fiery sky are you and I
And then only does time halt its course by.
The world fades away until only you stay
As tomorrow melds seamlessly with today.
Through it all it seems these are only dreams
Inspired by the radiance that your face beams.
Still I am enthralled within castle walls
Waiting for rescue by any of your love at all.
Here I count the ways along with the days
That I have loved you imprisoned in this maze;
This labyrinth of my eternal love
Lies with you in the heavens above.
It is here, I can tell, that forever you dwell.
It is here that you sleep the furthest from hell.
It is here I wish to stay with you day upon day
So my curséd castle may be vehemently cast away.


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