Love Poem by Emily Fairweather

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Submitted on : Sep 6, 2013
His eyes hold so much,
His laugh is my key,
His smile as he speaks, when he's staring at me,
His jokes make no sense,
but i laugh at them still,
i cry in the evening, until i make myself ill,
he's the love of my life,
but i can't tell him yet,
every time we pass i hold my breath,
i haven't seen him in weeks,
and i miss how he speaks,
how when he's talking to me he stands as close as can be,
but i will see him soon,
and my flowers will bloom,
and i will be the girl i was meant to be,
we will walk side by side,
we will think the same thing,
if you were not here i wouldn't have anything.

~Emily Fairweather

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