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missin you

User : jewel
Submitted on : Nov 21, 2011

Its been 15 years when i didnt have a dad. Now i feel lost with out you here, sometimes i wounder how it feels like to call someone your dad? when i call someone dad it dont feel right. but you will alwayz be mine and Ill never for get you. when i last was with you I remember the dayz when we had fun. I just want you to be here wiht me lead me out of the darkness. what should i do to make the hand go back to the time when we use to be 2gether from the past summer. I am lost iwth out you sometimes when I hear the word dad my heart sinks with sadness and my heart is crying sometimes i cry when i needed you right by my side. Ill see again with you by your side. last year when I was standing their. my prayer have been answered. You came thru the walmart doors. i love you and i miss you. i hope will meet again.


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