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for my love rune bjørge

User : tintin
Submitted on : Jun 16, 2015

I had u unexpectedly and my world became better. Then all suddenly I lost you. Its been 2weeks waking up without ur messages. Life is so dull now. Feels like being placed in a place with no air; so hard to breath. I was terribly hurt with ur lost. I don't know where to source out strength to get over from this pain that you left. When I looked myself in the mirror, I could see no more glow and then it makes me cry. Never thought that emotional pain would lead me to many sickness lately. Restless eyes, dried hair and dull skin are few results of which. So I tried to wander around, been to nice places but those are all temporary happiness. And when the vacation is over, i realized I'm not getting over the pain yet. I drive longer everyday and spend a lot of time outdoor to make myself tired already when I get home; but then I could still feel the low side in me and later tears will again fall. I sometimes wish to the God that during my sleep he would take me with him and always I hate to know I have another struggling day. :(( I am brave I know but this one is so hard to get through. I haven't prepared for such emotional failure. I have loved you a lot and I am still loving you so much. I have a strong feeling that one day our path will cross and I hope that when the day comes, I am over with this pain.


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