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eternal love

User : SARA
Submitted on : Jan 24, 2012

If one day I am no longer
Would you think of me?
Would you give me one second - a thought?
Would you secretly cry a tear for me?
If you see a photo of me
Would you remember the good times?
Would you laugh
Because we made so many crazy things
If one day I am no longer
I take my love with me
I will forever think of you
And my last smile I'll give you
My last breath would be thy name
My last thought - would be you
For you are my life
And without you - it would not be anymore
I' never told you all of this
And you never asked me
Deep in my heart I've kept everything
And run it as a mystery
For the most important for me
It was you for me
Your laughter has infected me
I found so much deep inside of me
For that I thank you so much it makes me free
Because for me there will be no love any more
I love you - and you will be missed
consider yourself one last time kissed
And nothing is as it once was.


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