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Amal, since you came to my life.

User : Morash
Submitted on : Oct 21, 2015

Amal, you are the perfect mate for my heart. Whenever I take a moment to think about you, a pleasing feelings pass through my heart, And seeing your face, an inevitable bliss touches my heart. Your character is so splendid that i lose words to describe it. Your kindness could only be measured with one word ''utmost'', And how you care about me gives my heart assurance that it will forever be in good hands.

I am addicted to your voice, I love hearing your voice,I love seeing your face, I extremely love your smile, I love the way you laugh, having any conversation with you is wonderful. Talking to you revives my brain. My life is different, my dreams are sumptuous, my expectations grew stronger, my ideas are glaring, since you came to my life, am filled with love, knowing deep down am loved, having that assurance only brightens my day, and lights up my nights.

I vow to love you eternally, be there for you, share with you moments that are beautiful and also are less beautiful. Because, no other girl is like you, and no other girl could tick all the boxes for me, you made me complete. My love for you is limitless and will only grow strength to strength.

Your Morash,


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