7 years ago

I am in a great dilemma, I have a very close friend of mine, I know her since last 8 years.Both of us share a lot about each other"s life.I really really feel for her and want her in my life but couldnot tell her ever as i always feared to loose her.Now the problem is she is into a relationship with another guy and I suspect the guy is not as serious as she is about their relationship.What do I do now ???Should I tell her about my feelings???Or just be her best friend...I should tell you that she is really close to me considers me as her best friend...Will I loose her If I express myself???Please suggest ..I really want her in my life as I think we really are very much compatible to each other even more than what she is with her boyfriend...but it seems she denies to accept the fact wants to remain committed to the relationship .Please help...

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  • 7 years ago

    Arnab Choudhury,

    Well to be open and honest and try to answer your question if you tell her about the guy she will get mad at you and it will cause problems in yours and her relationship depends which depends on her maturity level. If she is a mature person she will take what you say to heart and if you feel you are the best person for her then you should have told her this along time ago instead of waiting until she has found what she believes and maybe love. I wish more men would stand up and admit how they feel about a women instead of waiting for something better to come along. MEN feel to recognize the good women untile it is to late. I wish u well and hope u tell how u feel respectfully.

  • 3 years ago

    I have been so beliwdered in the past but now it all makes sense!

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