she cries 4 me but we've not met face 2 face

9 years ago

i met a gal online we chat and flirts alot and I even gave her my number she calls me always an she insists that she loves me, she always sends me sms frequntly my galfriend never knew this but I openly told her about it and she was fine with it because she trusted me, now the gal i met cries each and everytime she calls me because i told her that i have someone to whom i dont dream of breaking her heart

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  • 9 years ago

    i just luv one guy so deeply .. but he loving one gal ...but she not loving him just telling friends nu... he know tat am mad on him nu ... is der any chance of success in my love...

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Love Poem - My One

Author: Josh Maloon★★★
The first time I saw your face,
I lost all track of time and space,
I wished for that fateful day,
When you blow my mind away you will see,
You and I were meant to be, ...(Cont.)