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10 years ago

Ok I Guess Im Gonna Have To Start Somewhere In The Middle Im 18 Soon Be 19 And I Guess I Could Say My Boyfriend IS 20 Soon Be 21 We Met When I Was Only Like 15 But At That Time We Were Just Friends Eventually Over Time We Started Talkin And Ended Up In A Relationship But The Thing Was Before We Actually Did Make It Official I Ended Up Pregnant And Yes The Baby Is His But Anyways We Started Dating And Everything Was Good At 1st Even Though I Never Really Talked To Him Unless We Was Talkin About The Future Well Futher Into The Relationship He Started Getting Distant And Eventually We Broke Up And We Started Dating Other People Sometime After My Son Was Born We Got Into A Fight Cause He Didnt Like The Fact Of Me Dating Someone Else Even Though He Had A Girlfriend Already But In The Middle Of The Agrugement He Finally Told Me That He Cheated On Me With My Bestfriend Of 18 Yrs And At 1st I Was Really Pissed But Eventually I Got Over It And Soon After That We Started Messing With Eachother Again Even Though We Both We're Dating Someone Else Eventually His Girlfriend Found Out And THey Broke Up And I Broke Up With My Boyfriend Cause I Didnt Really Wanna Be With Him Well After That Me And My "Boyfriend" Started Talking Again And The Communication Between Us Now Is Somewhat Better Than When We 1st Went Out But Once Again We Have Our Trust Issues I Dont Trust Him All That Much Cause He Cheated On Me And He Doesnt Trust Me Cause Sometimes I Lie About The Stupidest Things We Snoop Through Eachother Stuff He Flirts With Other Girls I Catch An Attuide Wayy Too Fast Whenever He Tries To Tell Me About Myself But We Love Eachother And Want To Be In A Relationship Like Get Married And Everything I Just Wanted To Know What Could Come From This Should We Just Leave Eachother Alone Or Could We Work Through It Oh And BTW As Of Right Now We're Spending Time Apart From Eachother Which Hurts Deep Inside To Me

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Love Poem - Tomorrow

Author: Abel majadibodu★★★★★
is my heart that beats for nothin,is my love
that keep me waitin,maybe it was my last
chance,what if i lose that chance?she is
failin to hear what i gat,she talks about
tomorrow and i start losin hope,i blow it ...(Cont.)