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8 years ago

i dated this guy 2 yrs back (he was dating someone else too and i knew it but i loved him so stayed there) and then we broke up, i dumped him. there were loads of misunderstandings.i still love him and he knows it but nothing is moving ahead.he said he won't date me so i moved away from him. but then he came back and said it din't make sense to him. we started talking almost evryday, it's been more than a month now but till now he hasn't asked me out. he often asks me if i'm dating anyone and questions of that sort. but cannot understand him any more. i can't understand it all. need to know what to do.does really love me or am i his stand by o does he just want me as his friend?

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  • 8 years ago

    Well by what I am reading, if he was dating someone while dating you, he probably wasn't interested. Even if you guys are talking again, there is a very slim chance that he likes you again. You have a strange problem on your hands. You want him, he's not sure if he wants you. If you go back out with him, there is a possiblity you can be heart broken again. I wouldn't take the chance. But you can take it and see if things work out.

  • 8 years ago

    I was reading, trying to find help for myself, I found this.
    Don’t let pride come in the way of getting you both back together. If your other half doesn’t take the step to apologize, you take the initiative. Communication is a must. A relationship without communication is bland and lifeless. The very reason of you and your date coming together is because you enjoy each other’s company. Besides, the reason you will fight is because you want to connect the two different personalities.
    Thismay help a bit.

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