" Need a sollution "

5 years ago

am lavanya i had crush on him he was my tuition mate... then i came to know that he too had crush on me. i was waiting for him to propose me atlast he did thn we were in relationship but aftr some days my family came to knw thz. i was cutting his calls he came to speak i was avoiding him. i din get the chance to explain the problem to him... he said tuition mates that i cheated him all came to know all were asking y u cheated him like that etc.. i shouted him... i hate when he speak to girls infornt of me he was speaking to my friends... after some days i cant forgot him. his frnd said he s still loving me but he s feelng shy to say sorry ! so his friend said u cal and spk ! so i rang him when i rang my mom came near me so i couldnt speak anythng so i cuttd the call ! again he called i attend but couldnt spk again he was calling i dnt knw wht to do i said dnt knw who s thz ! next day i was alone in home i called him he said he dnt knw me ! in that tension i said to his frnd am commited so say him to getlost ! then also i cant forgot him ! one day while i was speaking with my friend arun in road he saw me he reactd like something ! then days went i cant forgot him so me and my frnd went and ask him tht u need me ! he said cooly NO ! i cried like hell ! my frnd said come we will go and say to his mother ! we said all story to his mother ! his mother was my side she supported me while speaking he came ! again the days went i felt the i have done mistake ! so i askd sry he din say anythng he shoutd me badly atlast he accepted my sorry i said i love him ! he said we can be friends ..... ! but i cant see him has my friend.... i need him has mine.... plz say some sollution i love him alot i cant see my life without him ! i need him has old him !

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  • 5 years ago

    plz guys say some idea :'( am believing you guys and waiting for ur reply ! plzzz help meee

  • 5 years ago

    U have don the best to say sorry to him.Try again to say sorry to him if he did not forgive u dont force him if u force him he will forgive u but he will never love u the way he use to. Dont force love, one day he will come for you

  • 5 years ago

    Pls dear leave him and see abt ur life. I think ur love s true. If he really loves u one or the other day definitely back to u pls don't waste ur time, life don't get upset

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