my crush raped me...and im his gf and i liked it

8 years ago

i have the BIGGEST obsession w/ johnny seven a kid from my school.he has a band called 8th gate and my uncle got me into their gig. i went 2 their concert and i had a vip pass from my uncle to go backstage after the concert. and since i was DYIN to talk to johnny and the rest of the band i went backstage after the show..... that was my mistake! my uncle said they were waitin 4 me in his office w/ a few other fans...he lied! when i went in there it was just johnny and he said the rest of the group w/ b here soon....then my uncle left closed the door and locked it. then we started talkin and he was askin me a bunch of stuff and i was askin 2. then i realized the group wasnt comin so i said i g2g then i stood up and he knocked me on the desk and he kissed me. he tore my shirt and unzipped his pants. he was holdin me down! i couldnt move! then he had his way w/ me to cut it short. i hated it when it happened but now i like it. is there somethin wrong w/ me?. im 13 and pregnat and i told johnny and hes REALLY exicited. this happened 3 months ago.should i stay w/ johnny or leave him? PLZ ANSWER!

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  • one year ago

    wah u r not serious how do you thing u r going to cope with 13yrs huwezani that is FATE!

  • one year ago

    you have to live him why would u even date at 13.he does not love u and i suggest dat u live him

  • one year ago

    go wiz him coz ur babi needs two of de love will come later afterall he is ur crash

  • 9 months ago

    Maybe u should leave is a criminal offence to be raped while u are young

  • 3 months ago

    Go die in hole because you liked it if you liked it your a hoe go die in a hole bitch because that’s nasty

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