love problem

8 years ago

I am NANDA KUMAR , from past 2 yrs i am in a relation. i was fully confusion whether she is loving me or not because when i talk to her she talks with a lovely words but before 6 months i am not in my place i shifted from their due to some reasons, her family fixed her engagement with some guy .when i went their i asked why she had done like that she is not giving any reply when we started our love journey i am asking her continuosly about my proposal she did nt even given a reply about her decision but we do have a physical relationship too , i want to know she is loving me or not ? pls give me your reply soon

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  • pav
    8 years ago

    dude, Nanda kumar... sorry but it seems she does not love you... ofcourse her family problems might be a reason too. but , if she is not giving u any answer then it is to be understood that, she has no answer... for you. i suggest pls move on.... and physical relationship sometimes can be friend...move on. be happy

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