love or frienship

6 years ago

i didn,t see my girlfrd .bt i msg 2yr,,only chatting ..she ask 'enne unaku pidikuma' i replied 'romba pidikum' suddenly she ask...'appa nama marriage pandikalama'..i didn't reply anything... she replies this is joke i think she intrested to marri me...two month after i proposed her..she was not accept my love ..then we continue frienship...guys this is love or frienship....pls give a suggestion..

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  • 6 years ago

    love is a mirage of the mind its an illusion but if you truly care about somebody don't let them go.

" I hope this kind of magic stays forever between us two, and the whole wide world will know that God sent me you. " » Full Quote

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Love Poem - "My Feeling For You"

Author: Kristy watkins★★★
My feelings for you will never change
I lay at night and think of you and go
crazy.I hate that I can't be with you at all