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I have got a strong feeling for a girl & I expressed my feeling to her, but initially she stopped talking to me and was too much angry. Later, after lots of strugle we became friend and now she considres me as her best buddy. She shares everything with me including all her problems. But whenevr I stress on the point of my feelings about her, she denies & says that she considred me as best friends but no similar feeiling. We love talking to each other & even we talk hours everyday. But my problem is she never express that she loves me. Can somebody please advise if she loves me or not. I am really confused, i feel that she loves me but she never agree. I need all of your advise.... please ...

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Love Poem - What?

Author: C★★★
what do you mean when you hold my hand?
What does it mean when promise me kisses?
What does it mean when you cuddle me &
squeeze me tight?
What does it mean that your always on my ...(Cont.)