In Love?

7 years ago

I got a friend. And we are the best friends of all. We are so similar in our characters that we doubt that are we copies of the same one. We spend time together, and can't stay without each other. We are of the same age, 15 yrs old and of the same zodiac sign. I once asked him if he liked me. He said he was confused upon that thought and would decide later. But I like him.. Can't say if I love him a lot or not, but I like him very much.

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  • 7 years ago

    well thats great thast you like him i liked my guyfriend for a while,all i did was learn and see the sigh that he gave me and figerd out that he liked me.So try doing that.

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Love Poem - My One

Author: Josh Maloon★★★
The first time I saw your face,
I lost all track of time and space,
I wished for that fateful day,
When you blow my mind away you will see,
You and I were meant to be, ...(Cont.)