I love him!

6 years ago

I love him and had my chance with him but missed it, now he's with her and I want him more anything. How do I win him in 4 days?

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  • 6 years ago

    at any cause feel him how important he is to you and try to give yourself so that he may change and come to you... as from the boy's point of view first you should be fair and you should be taking care of him and you should hear his words always,,,, if any other girl comes in and she is more fair than you then it is crucial for you...

" If you wish to be loved, love. "

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Love Poem - You Are...

Author: Bryan millard★★★
you are my star to my burst, the for to my
ever, the sun to my shine, my lace to tennis
shoes, my eye to my brow, the nossterels to
my nose, u are mine.