I have a crush...What do I do?

4 years ago

I like this guy in the year above , and I hang around with their group of friends , because they invited me to sit with them on a school trip to Paris. According to his friends , he has never been that nice to anyone they have ever known, but I do not know whether it is because I am a year younger or not.... My friends claim they catch him glancing at me when he thinks no one is looking , but I am pretty dubious. And there is a rumour going around in his year that I like one of his friends , even though they know it is not true. In my year , a former friend spread the rumour that I like him, but I do not think he knows. My friends make it kind of obvious I like him, but whenever he speaks to me, his tone always softens a bit , and he is always so polite, but we rarely speak because I do not want to start a fuss with the rumours in his year by sitting with them ( They are pretty bad ) . His group is all boys, and he rarely talks to any other girls... He has never been out with anyone either... What should I do? Do you think he likes me back?

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Love Poem - Lump Of Gold

Author: Maree thorpe★★★
love is like a lump of gold
hard to get and hard to hold.
of all the guys i've ever met
your the one i can't forget.
i do beleive that god above ...(Cont.)