how to convense my lover???she dont love me

8 years ago

i love a girl but she love a boy who was her school friend. she know that i love her very much even more than her boyfriend. but she cant leave him .what i should to do.i cant let her go.i dint know where was she but i search her in her city.after five day i found her but she dint want to talk me now what would be my next step????

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  • 5 years ago

    I think a girl is hurt by me so how to say sorry and how to convense....

  • 5 years ago

    first calm down and listen go to her n propose her once again if she say no make her to know how mch u love her {or} all the way notice her boyfriend for each second and knw more abt him if he is doing a single mistake which is worng for that girl just say her and convence her that movement to come to u she will say yes to u after a while n "also say that i can't see u hurt n i also cannot let u go wid the worng person because I love U she will really say u yes" ALL THE BEST!!!

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