How to chase away the guy you don't love

5 years ago

The love frame said we are good for marriage but I don't love him I don't like him and how is that possible?

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  • 5 years ago

    Not every love game is true. You don't need a game to tell you if you love him or not. Just go with what your heart wants. But, someday you might end up falling in love with the guy you least expect.

" If letting go is the easiest thing that a human can do then why until now im still attached to you? "

- Thomas Mann» Love Quotes

Love Poem - I Have Been Hurt

Author: Danielle vang★★★
the first time i met you online
you told me to call you and txt you
you told me tht my voice sounds so kind
you saw me on webcam and told me u loved me
so then you ask me out i said yes... ...(Cont.)