how do i knw if he realy love me

8 years ago

how do you know wen a guy realy loves you? when he says it if he mean's if? how?he say's weh he love a girl he tell her..wen he see that you found out somthing he does his best to explain it?

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  • 8 years ago

    The way you no he really loves you is when he looks into your eyes n smiles, He can't wait until he sees you, he always tells u your the one for him, he isn't scared to tell the world he loves you: LOVE is when you are willing to stay by his side no matter what love is when your there for each other love is the day you realized you loved him no materr what he is in your life Love is when you finnaly had the courage to tell him you love him n he sayz I LOVE YOU TO****

" When you have loved as she has loved, you grow old beautifully. "

- Somerset Maugham» Love Quotes

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