give up?

8 years ago

I've been having a crush on this guy for six years...but, he never really notices me. Yes, we talk once in a while but he only treats me as a friend. Last year, while we were taking a stroll along the beach (our families went on a hol tgt), he told me how awesome his crush is, how beautiful she is, how he wrote letters to her...blah blah blah...i felt really hurt. It isn't his fault anyway...but i just cant get him off my mind! So, should I give up and let go or should i still hope?

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  • 8 years ago

    tell him how you feel. how would he know if you have a crush on him if you dont tell him. if he doesnt feel the same i wuould say you told how you feel and move on.

" Behind every girls smile, there is a boy who put it there. "

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