Friend likes my boyfriend and does he love me?

6 years ago

Im dating this guy and we are very good friends, in like the second week we started saying i love you but i thought we were moving too fast, but its like i learned a long time ago not to say i love you if you dont mean it but i think i mean it this time, im trying to figure out if he really loves me like i love him, how can i figure that out? Also i found out my friend likes him, what should i do? please help?

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" I Was An Idiot For Thinking The Guy That Didn't Care About Anything Would Care About Me. "

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Love Poem - If I Could

Author: Vincent Neil Gonzales★★★★
IF I Could
If I could whisper to your ear
I will tell how important you are my dear
If I could kiss your lips
While I cover your eyes like an eclipse ...(Cont.)