Freinds?..... Or more than that

7 years ago

I really like this guy and I know he likes me, but before he told me that he liked me he said that he liked this girl before.. He later told me he liked me and he was trying to like that girl but he couldn't because she wasn't me. But later I saw him talking to her and when i walked past him he didn't say anything to me not even a look to the right -where i was standing-.. I think he actually likes her but he is afraid to tell me.... Do you think that I'm thinking too much?

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Love Poem - Why Do We Get Nervous

Author: Alondra Padilla★★★★
have you ever wondered why you get nervous
when you see the person that you love ?well
its because you love that person so much
that you do not know what to say when you
infront of them because your afraid you might ...(Cont.)