does she love me?

6 years ago

Three months back I met a Taiwanese girl in okcupid. We both decided to know each other first. I added her as my facebook friend. Whenever I see her online I initiate the conversation. She never messaged me first. But while chatting she is really very free and friendly with me. After chatting and discussing and finding her opinion on some vital aspects of life, I started liking her. One day I asked her opinion about me, it was a positive response. So the other day while chatting with her I told her how important she is in my life how much I love her. She asked for some more time, like she wanted to know more about me. She says that she wanted to know more about me but she never asked me anything about me. Respecting her views, I am ready to wait for more time. But her behavior is really hurting me. So please tell me am I in a hurry or is it ok from my side. Any kind of help will be appreciated. Please pull me out from this situation

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  • 6 years ago

    Sometimes girls are. . . Playing you, and I honestly think she is playing you, but that is just my opinion. I also think you went a little to fast for her, and she got scared, but this doesn't give her the right to treat you differently. I mean many of my "guy friends" have told me that they loved me, but I told them the truth. . . Most of the time; if she really just needs time then let her have it, but if she is losing you will know because she will start acting really weird, and anytime you bring up the subject of love she will throw it out the window or say goodbye. So I hope . I helped! =]

  • 6 years ago

    Just give her sometime. What if she got hurt before? Maybe she is just trying to see if she can trust you.

  • 6 years ago

    well tell her how you feel that you cant wait anymore tell her she is the moon in your eyes because she is special cause the stars the other girl there is no one like her everyday you wait for her to say she is ready and that you feel that she is never gonna say it and it hurts that she has no feelings for you and sing out and let her think the night and if she starts to talk first and ask you things then she is not worth it trust me let us know the turn out koukoukawtar on facebook or reply on this comment

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